Talks and Something else

Just recently there were some talks in some forum about things that are needed to be settled. Many of the bloggers are not in favor it. So we will just have to wait for any development about the matter.

RH Bill

Why is it that people coined RH Bill with condom and abortion? RH Bill is not just about condom and sex but it is more of about women empowerment. It's all about planning and it's all about life. All things have both ends so what ever it is it always comes in two, the positive and negative, but if you treat negative as negative then it will be like that.

Harry Potter Fever

Most of the people today are into Harry Potter, not only that it is showing today but it is the last of part of the whole Harry Potter Story. So better get into the fad and start looking like Harry Potter, read the story or you might not get into the discussion. Harry Potter... another great movie that will linger into every one.

Nestle 100 Years' Short Films

Last night I was able to watch the short films from Nestle's 100th years celebration. The short films are terrific! The stories are great and it depicts life and how it should be perceived. What I like most is the story about Disconnecting from the virtual world and Reconnecting to Life and Nature, and the story about the child's vivid imagination which depicts the value of moment spent by parents to their kids. Try to watch it and see for yourself.


This blog stands for Ink and Color, the best way to express life. Words and artworks shows what we feel, how we emote, and even what we desire.

The blogger is an artist in his own and different way. Read his lines and stare his works, catch up what's his mood every day from then on.
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