Countdown Till New Year

Few more hours and we will be celebrating New Year's Eve.  Here's the countdown widget.

Be Safe This New Year

Yes! Let's all be safe this coming New Year.  It's rather not to play with firecrackers to avoid any accident.  We should face this New Year with complete hands and prayer to be prosperous this coming year.

Year End

Few more days and it will be New Year.  Praying that the year end would be fine and the celebration would be safe and at the same time happy.  So for the year end Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday Holiday

It's Friday and I most of the people would be rushing their way to their homes and to their provinces.  So expect the worst today that the road will have a very heavy traffic.   I hope we won't catch that heavy traffic today.

Blessing From Above

Yesterday was truly a blessing for all of us.  One of our friend send us a gift... financial gift.  We were not expecting it but because of her generous heart we were given a blessing just in time that we need it.  Truly God is awesome He give his blessings in unusual way.  Praises to God above!

Monday Down

Monday and where down, yes we are down already because we have paid our debts.  I don't know if our budget will still last until the end of this years.  I'm praying to get a better project to finance our holiday season.  Pray for us!

Thank You Lord Our Son Is Well

Yes! We are very thankful to the Lord for keeping our son strong and now he is well.  We will just have to be more cautious about his health because his a pre-term baby.  His vulnerable to illnesses.


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