Home Sweet Home

At last after a few days out of town in the south, I am home now and with my family.  It's really nice to be back home.

Hectic Day

Just been wondering what will I do today with the schedules that I have.  So many work to do but so little time to spend.  Hay.  Hope that I would be able to work it out all.

Today's Observation

I just observed today that there are really different attitude, different thoughts, and different understanding of different people.  Actually it's not just today but I observe this every time I ride a bus.  Mix facial expression and mix emotions.  Some were thinking about their life which you can see it on their face, some were thinking about themselves, perhaps others thinks of way of uplifting their life and some are not thinking at all because they just wanted to stay where they are and how they are.  Different people, different thoughts, different emotions!

Lost In Today's Activity

I'm kind of lost right now and I don't know what I will do for today.  Though I got lots of things to do.  It seems that I'm unwell again and couldn't take any action.  Hay I just need some boost for today.

Busy... Busy... Busy

Another busy day on work, online, and offline.  Hay!  Need to work more to have more.  We badly need financial support so rest is not an option right now.

A Little Getaway

Most of the time we are too occupied by the events that are happening in our life. We often tried to make things in an instant that our body most of the time couldn't take the pressure causing it to acquire viruses and illnesses. So in order for us to do more and productively we should learn to stop and take some time to rejuvenate our body. It's more like a maintenance in vehicles. Our body needs that. A little getaway from the city life will do.

Being Civil

Last night was something that I really expect. The ONE that neglected me in an occasion was also there in the activity. I just acted casual and hoped that the ONE will at least try to say some thing about the incident. Unfortunately, nothing from and as if there's no issue at all. So starting today I'll be just civil and act accordingly.

In A Hurry

I'm in a hurry right now. I'm late and couldn't cope with the speed of time. Hay!


I'm not feeling until today. Dizzy and having a hard time breathing. I'll go to the doctor today. I was supposed to go there yesterday but it was already afternoon so I only rested. I just want to know want causes the things that I'm feeling today.

Another Day

Another day of mourning.  What will happen after this?  For us perhaps life goes on because we need to live and earn for the kids.  Entirely the family is trying hard to cope with the lost of our little princess.  There are just times that we couldn't help but cry and think of it.

A Lot of Why's

We got a lot of questions that remain an unanswered.  We get information but it seems that it's so hard to get the right data.  The case remain and more speculations goes around.  For well just have to let God take care of everything.

Farewell Our Little Princess

An unexpected turn of events, a sudden news that make all of us sad and lonely.  Our clan's little princess was with the Lord now.  It is really shocking.  The whole family are now mourning.


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