Countdown Till New Year

Few more hours and we will be celebrating New Year's Eve.  Here's the countdown widget.

Be Safe This New Year

Yes! Let's all be safe this coming New Year.  It's rather not to play with firecrackers to avoid any accident.  We should face this New Year with complete hands and prayer to be prosperous this coming year.

Year End

Few more days and it will be New Year.  Praying that the year end would be fine and the celebration would be safe and at the same time happy.  So for the year end Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday Holiday

It's Friday and I most of the people would be rushing their way to their homes and to their provinces.  So expect the worst today that the road will have a very heavy traffic.   I hope we won't catch that heavy traffic today.

Blessing From Above

Yesterday was truly a blessing for all of us.  One of our friend send us a gift... financial gift.  We were not expecting it but because of her generous heart we were given a blessing just in time that we need it.  Truly God is awesome He give his blessings in unusual way.  Praises to God above!

Monday Down

Monday and where down, yes we are down already because we have paid our debts.  I don't know if our budget will still last until the end of this years.  I'm praying to get a better project to finance our holiday season.  Pray for us!

Thank You Lord Our Son Is Well

Yes! We are very thankful to the Lord for keeping our son strong and now he is well.  We will just have to be more cautious about his health because his a pre-term baby.  His vulnerable to illnesses.

Financial Crisis

What a year for us....  yes, it is a very down year for us.  A lot of unexpected expenditures, not on luxury but more of health issues.  We rather want our kids to be healthy than not that's why we are investing on our kids vaccines that causes our expenditures way more than our monthly income.  As a result, a lot of loans and credit were done.  Now, we are on financial crisis.

In the Hospital

Last night, my son was admitted to the hospital.  It seems that our weekend and holiday will be spent in the hospital.  The only problem will be the finances.  Hay....

Bad Experience

Last night was a very bad experience for us. A drunk man pee in front of our house and I call his attention.  Unfortunately he's drunk and made a commotion.  It's not really good.  Our neighbor inform us that the man was like that when drunk.  Good thing that I'm not foolish enough to make an assault on a drunk man.  Even though our neighbor assured us, still, precaution is a must.

Friday Out

Friday and I didn't went to the office.  My son is sick and there's no nanny.  Hay what a day? What a problem?

What's Wrong

Wahhhh!  What's wrong with my PC I have fixed it but it's still running slow?  Hay I just hope I could fix it soon.

Saturday Laundry day

Yes, I just took a time out from my laundry chore to post a blog and have a little bit of surfing.  It's really hard doing the laundry, especially when cleaning the blankets.  Some of them are really stinky due to my kids weewee.  Anyway that's okay.

Hope to get hired

Hope to get hired for the online job!  I just have to get ready for the final interview.

PC On the Go

Yes, right now I'm on the process of fixing my PC and installing some of the programs and softwares needed to be installed.  Hope to fix and make everything well and good. 

Sunday Alone

Yes it's Sunday and I'm alone with the kids.  Taking care of them really needs patience and of course a lot of love.  I'll be here in the house all day especially now that my youngest has a fever.

Hay Day!

Another hay day!  Didn't have my breakfast today and I just did an early work.  Just got back from the field though it was not very tense work it is still tiring, especially when your just sitting and waiting till you reach the destination.

Posting Problem

Hay! It's so hard to make numerous post when you have limited equipment.  Yes, limited equipment because our desktop computer is still on sick bay.  It's nearly a month now that it is still down.  Just hope to get it going soon... and very soon!

Not Okay Today

I'm just not okay today and feeling somewhat weird.  I think I would really need a good rest.  I just don't know when will it be.


Yes! I'm in a hurry to finish my tasks today.  I just pray that everything will just be fine and will go smoothly as possible.  If everything will went out fine then I could relax afterwards and have a very good rest this afternoon.

PC Still Down

It's been a few days now and our PC is still down.  I don't what's the main problem but I think it needs to be reformat or upgraded or the best possible is to buy a new one.  Hay... which we don't have any budget for it right now.  So I don't know how we will survive for now.  We'll just have to rely on God's power and his answer to our prayers.

Fun Run

Today will be joining the Race for Life Fun Run.  We will enjoy and I will try to break my own record.  So pray for me and for everybody joining the run.

Computer Problem

Computer problem!  The extent of the virus seems very deep.  Programs are already  crashing and they are  not behaving accordingly.  Hay just hope that I could fix the problem.

Virus! I hate you

Yes, my computer was hit by a virus and it did a lot of damage especially on my external hard drive.  It hit much of the pictures which was save in it.  Most of my pics were lost I don't know what happened.  Grrr!  I hate it.

The Crisis

Yes indeed we are having crisis now.  We wanted to address the problem, unfortunately there's not much resources to resolve it.   Right now we're at lost and still looking for possible things to get on our way of looking for the answer.

Back to Work

Wahh! After a long weekend of vacation I am now back at the office and working, partially. Hahaha! Mind set is still in vacation mode. Need to be tweaked a little bit to be in full work mode.

November 1

A prayerful day to everyone who will visit the tombs of their love ones. Be safe and always ask for guidance from the Lord above.

Home Sweet Home

At last after a few days out of town in the south, I am home now and with my family.  It's really nice to be back home.

Hectic Day

Just been wondering what will I do today with the schedules that I have.  So many work to do but so little time to spend.  Hay.  Hope that I would be able to work it out all.

Today's Observation

I just observed today that there are really different attitude, different thoughts, and different understanding of different people.  Actually it's not just today but I observe this every time I ride a bus.  Mix facial expression and mix emotions.  Some were thinking about their life which you can see it on their face, some were thinking about themselves, perhaps others thinks of way of uplifting their life and some are not thinking at all because they just wanted to stay where they are and how they are.  Different people, different thoughts, different emotions!

Lost In Today's Activity

I'm kind of lost right now and I don't know what I will do for today.  Though I got lots of things to do.  It seems that I'm unwell again and couldn't take any action.  Hay I just need some boost for today.

Busy... Busy... Busy

Another busy day on work, online, and offline.  Hay!  Need to work more to have more.  We badly need financial support so rest is not an option right now.

A Little Getaway

Most of the time we are too occupied by the events that are happening in our life. We often tried to make things in an instant that our body most of the time couldn't take the pressure causing it to acquire viruses and illnesses. So in order for us to do more and productively we should learn to stop and take some time to rejuvenate our body. It's more like a maintenance in vehicles. Our body needs that. A little getaway from the city life will do.

Being Civil

Last night was something that I really expect. The ONE that neglected me in an occasion was also there in the activity. I just acted casual and hoped that the ONE will at least try to say some thing about the incident. Unfortunately, nothing from and as if there's no issue at all. So starting today I'll be just civil and act accordingly.

In A Hurry

I'm in a hurry right now. I'm late and couldn't cope with the speed of time. Hay!


I'm not feeling until today. Dizzy and having a hard time breathing. I'll go to the doctor today. I was supposed to go there yesterday but it was already afternoon so I only rested. I just want to know want causes the things that I'm feeling today.

Another Day

Another day of mourning.  What will happen after this?  For us perhaps life goes on because we need to live and earn for the kids.  Entirely the family is trying hard to cope with the lost of our little princess.  There are just times that we couldn't help but cry and think of it.

A Lot of Why's

We got a lot of questions that remain an unanswered.  We get information but it seems that it's so hard to get the right data.  The case remain and more speculations goes around.  For well just have to let God take care of everything.

Farewell Our Little Princess

An unexpected turn of events, a sudden news that make all of us sad and lonely.  Our clan's little princess was with the Lord now.  It is really shocking.  The whole family are now mourning.

Typhoon Pedring

It was really sadden that there are still people who are stubborn enough to risk their lives just to be with their homes. I don't know if they think they are much safer into their home when they really know that their areas are prone to floods. Hay! No matter how hard the government tries to do what they can still there are people that will be caught in the realm of calamity and danger.

Just a thought about what had just happened? Take note it was after the anniversary of Ondoy that Pedring came rushing in.

Stormy Brownout

It was really a bad Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to do all my online works because of the power failure. Power failure that went on for almost twenty four hours. Wah it was really bad especially the weather it made me not go to the office today to fix some things. Hay! I just hope that everything will went out just fine today.

Another Great Weekend

Today is the start of another great weekend. I do hope that I get to have a very wonderful rest and an exciting weekend.

I start my day together with my son. Watched the butterfly exhibit. I just don't know what will happen in the afternoon event so just will just have to wait and see. Hope to bring some goodies for my kids.

Birthday Aftermath

Well after the whole affair yesterday. It's time to go back to reality of work and face all the problems that needs to be addressed. In other words I'm back in the midst of the jungle of the traditional means of earning money. Hahaha! We have to live and that's why I need to work for my love ones.

The birthday is over and it's time to face another year ahead of me. Go! Go! Go! Live on!

My Day

This is my day! Hahaha! Just want this day to be blessed, fruitful and joyful. I want to make every event this day something that will be cherished forever.

To all have a great day!


Busy on something that is not supposed to be done right now. I just hope to be on time on all my projects. It is really to work if you have a lot of backlogs. Whew! I just wonder how will I be able to finish all these things.

This F and Y thing is killing most of my time. Perhaps I should get enough management training to do all of my tasks. Maybe it's about time to look for some sort of learning or e-learning activity that will feed my mind on this like this.

Now am I still busy or just being busy....

Strike On A Monday

Just a thought for today. Thank goodness I'm not late this morning but unfortunately the news today is really not good. There's a news that drivers will be having a strike today. This is to show that they don't agree with the hike of the petroleum products. It is indeed good that many people are protesting with the increase but some people are not just fond of this strike. Some people do get stranded and affected their work as well, especially on a Monday morning. Can drivers make a strike on afternoon during the mid week? Just a suggestion. hehehe.

God Rockin' Thursday

I usually listen to one of the radio station here in our place. Thursday is what they call Black Rockin Thursday and I have thought why not make it something praising to God today so I made it to be GOD ROCKIN THURSDAY! Why did I thought of us well, on my facebook wall I find messages and status of friends whom are thanking God for the blessings that they received. So since it's God's day of blessings I find it appropriate to call this day as GOD ROCKIN THURSDAY! God bless!


How influential you are? I really don't know how influential I am but what I know is that I got to know some of the people in the blogosphere. Recently, there was a concluded event that involves the manner of being influential and I happen to enjoy mingling and connecting with other bloggers. There are lots of things that I learned from this perhaps I will apply most of it next year if God permits to have another fruitful years.

How about you? Do you know how influential you are?

Sickly Today, Healthy Tomorrow

My eldest son were sick the other night with fever and last due to his vaccine my youngest son shoots also to have fever. I just pray that they won't be so very sickly. I just want them to be healthy and strong. How about you how was your kids or any member of the family? Have they been sick these days? We shouldn't take it for granted who knows what illness is that may be. Be cautious and be preventive. It is much easier to take precautions than cure.

Late and Left Behind

Well due to some factors and some unusual incident, I was late at work today. It was really a bad start for the week. I just don't know what will the next thing to happen this week. I just hope and pray that everything will went out just fine. Whew! At least I got in to the office safe and sound.

It was really bad being left behind by the shuttle. I think this was the second time that I was able to get on time on the pick up point. O, well better get early next time.

Evets Galore

Since I joined a certain group I get a chance to do some of the things that I haven't done before. It made evolve in to the next level of my life. it had opened a new dimension to hone my talents and abilities that I only kept for myself. New networks of friends and acquaintances were laid on my path. Things that I only seen on TV. Though I may not have, yet, the full potential of this experience I know I'll be there some time and I'm going to be ready on that.

Random Thoughts

Well I just want to share what I am thinking today.  I have been thinking about work and I'm reminiscing the past, playing what if in my mind.  Eight years ago I was planning to enrol for a master's degree.  Due to financial obligations I thought to myself that I'll work first then do the master's degree two years after.  Now, it has been eight years and I haven't enrolled in any master's degree.  Disappointed a bit but I still know that I have that and every thing that I wanted in God's time.  There's always time for everything!

Missed Earth Run

Well, I was supposed to be in an event this morning. Unfortunately, the rain was able to make me stay in the house and made me miss the Earth Run, my supposedly first running event. Perhaps it's not yet the time for me to join a running event but I really want to join and push myself to the limit. Hopefully I can join future running events with a sunny and clear day.

Friday Thoughts

After five everyone is for sure going to be happy. Why? Because it's going to be a long weekend. Everyone will enjoy the four day vacation and do hope that everyone will be rejuvenated by that. As for me and my family, well, we'll be having some events to cover and some things to uncover in our house. Hahaha! To our fellow Filipino Moslem brothers it's your day on August 30, enjoy the festivity.

Prestige Effect?

Just recently we wre able to attend a certain event. Certain special people will be there to grace the evening. The start was good and of course the food was great, it did fill up my tummy. When the occassion was over a lot of attendees were hoping to have a little keepsake from that wonderful moment. Of course the best keepsake would be a photo together with the people who graced the event. Unfortunately, there was some incident that we didn't expect to happen. We thought we would be at least given a chance to have an exchange of conversation with one of the people who grace the event but it turned out with disappointment. They were not as warm as we thought the response seems scripted that they answer without even knowing who we are. Worst one of us who wanted to have a little keepsake were shut off. It was a bad experience. The image was shattered.

Prestige is something that is earned because of talent, remarkable work, and certain status. Sometimes when it gets in too much like in the movie "Prestige" the result is not good. We're not known but just a plain and simple writer who are trying to glimpse a few light of the stars. A little warm and truthful greetings is well enough for us. Enough to make us be more appreciative.

Just When you thought...

As I have been rambling and mumbling some of my daily thoughts, this one is quite annoying though it's not that supposed to be. I have been in the community for quite some time and I have known a lot, if not most of them. I don't know if it something that should be check whether there's something wrong with my personality of something wrong about my whole being.

The thought just came in this morning and just wondering if it is really it. Do I make a strong message about what I feel or it's just another word with out sense. Here it is....

Just when you thought you know everyone.... it boils down to presence and importance.

Does my words make sense? Does having me in a community acknowledge my existence or just simply another wall flower. Am I important? Perhaps not at all because none of which seems to feel my existence. Anyway be it or not life goes on I will never falter with just that thought.

Restaurant Thoughts

While browsing a social network site I find this thread that gets my curiosity. The talk is about a certain person's rant about their family's experience in a certain restaurant.

If I may ask, if your the manager of the restaurant what would you do if the customer complains something? I'm not sure of what's your reaction but perhaps most of the reader would agree that the manager should take some damage control before the damage gets worst. Unfortunately, the manager of the restaurant did not do anything and instead rants about it on his personal life. I don't know much but I do hope that every thing will turns out well.

Just a Thought Today

After a week of so many events I just want to take time and hold for a while. I don't know if I can finish most of the things that I want to do today. Getting draft and story lines for those events sometimes takes time and also depends on the mood. I wish I will have a good mood today. Tata for me.

Talks and Something else

Just recently there were some talks in some forum about things that are needed to be settled. Many of the bloggers are not in favor it. So we will just have to wait for any development about the matter.

RH Bill

Why is it that people coined RH Bill with condom and abortion? RH Bill is not just about condom and sex but it is more of about women empowerment. It's all about planning and it's all about life. All things have both ends so what ever it is it always comes in two, the positive and negative, but if you treat negative as negative then it will be like that.

Harry Potter Fever

Most of the people today are into Harry Potter, not only that it is showing today but it is the last of part of the whole Harry Potter Story. So better get into the fad and start looking like Harry Potter, read the story or you might not get into the discussion. Harry Potter... another great movie that will linger into every one.

Nestle 100 Years' Short Films

Last night I was able to watch the short films from Nestle's 100th years celebration. The short films are terrific! The stories are great and it depicts life and how it should be perceived. What I like most is the story about Disconnecting from the virtual world and Reconnecting to Life and Nature, and the story about the child's vivid imagination which depicts the value of moment spent by parents to their kids. Try to watch it and see for yourself.

Dull Moment

I don't know why but it seems that I have been having a very dull moment I cannot think of something on what I have to do. I'm just getting lazy and getting bored as well. I think I need a little more time to rest and recuperate. Though there are so many things that I should do I still couldn't get any boost to do all those task that's on hand. Grrrhh! I'm just to weak and to lazy to do things.

What do you do when your feeling like this?

Health Yourself

Because of the recent bad weather that hit the country many people were also hit with colds, cough and flu. It's really bothering that many people are now experiencing the effect of the weather. It's really a must that we should try to make ourselves healthy as possible to avoid any health problems. Right now I'm also hit with it and its really hard especially when there are kids at home because they might get sick also. So better make ourselves healthy and strong.

Friday Madness: Bed Weather

Yes, today we are experiencing a very bad weather. It has been raining since yesterday. Normally, if the weather goes on like this people tends to get lazy and sleepy. First people don't want to get out of the house for they don't want to get wet and second they just want to cuddle their bed because it's so good to sleep during this kind of weather. Too bad for me because I need to go to the we got some deadlines to finish and too bad because I have to endure the wet condition. My shoes are wet, also my jeans, I am late because of traffic and accidents, and I am sleepy. Hay, what worst will come? How about you? How's your bed weather? Did you go to work or just stayed in the house?

Today's Thought 101

Men always try to get answers to phenomenon that they cannot comprehend. As a result different ideas and understandings arises as they try to prove of what they understand about the phenomenon. The effect, clashes of different point of views which sometimes lead to devastation and chaos.

What can you say about this? Does it rings something into your mind?

Thanksgiving and Praise

We do have different ways of worshiping God and we have different rituals in praising Him but no matter how different we all are, we still worship one God. To God be the glory! My thanksgiving and praise for the recent event in our life.

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A Summer Poem On A Freaky Weather

Here's something that will at least make our day livelier even when we are facing some negative vibes. Make every minute happy and always put a great smile in all our work.

I wake this morning
With a smile on my face
Bringing it with me
As I go to my work place.
W happy thoughts
And a big grin
I do my work
As I start and punch in.

A blessed day at work to all of us!

The Lent

During my younger days Lenten season has always been a very dull week. Stores are closed, people are somewhat with a lonely look in their face, and the ambiance of the surroundings are solemn. I didn't know yet the meaning of lent during that time and traditions are what our family always follow.

Now that I have grown up and everything that surrounds me had already grown also. Developments have forced their way in through tradition and somewhat distorted the norms. People now are doing what they want during Lenten season. Yes we should know that the person hanged on that cross had already risen but we should always put in mind that the time is a time to reflect and not a time to have fun.

Let us learn the true meaning of lent and reflect what God has in store for us.

Poem: Jazz Mellow

While browsing some old poems that I have written I happen to see this poem again and reminds me that I need to harness again all my skills. I have the skills in writing poetry (somewhat) but I haven't explored much of refining it and making it more interesting to read at. As of all of the poems I have written this one is what I like most. I hope that you'll enjoy it too. Entitled "Jazz Mellow"

Softly and calmly
You tingle my ears
Peacefully and quietly,
You take away my fears.

My troubled mind
You cradle it solemnly
My every sigh
You take it peacefully.

Every tune
You tone my life
Every cue
You lift me at my height.

Every deepest night
Enters a sounding day,
Gives light so bright
In every path and way.

The Coming of Season

I have mention before that I wanted to update this blog once in a while but it seems that I'm much occupied by some matters that needs to be done. It's already time again for some painting competitions and I haven't found or got any good theme or ideas to paint. I'm lost for this particular year. None of my imaginary thoughts are visiting me and keeping my thoughts fly into dreams. My hands are already getting stiff! I haven't had any single strokes done. It seems that I need to make more practice to cope up again.

It's already April and most of the deadlines for the painting competitions are on May. I hope and pray that I could at least have some budget to finance my work and if possible join the competition. For now, I'm still having problem financially. I don't know when will this problem be solved. I just have to pray hard and work hard.

A New Year Ahead

The time has change and the calendar has been replaced.
New one's are posted to plan ahead.
We'll never know what lies beyond,
Our preference of time and knowledge of space and beyond.


This blog stands for Ink and Color, the best way to express life. Words and artworks shows what we feel, how we emote, and even what we desire.

The blogger is an artist in his own and different way. Read his lines and stare his works, catch up what's his mood every day from then on.
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