"Popoy's Adventure: The Family"

Who is Popoy?

Popoy is a jolly and playful kid. Born on May 6, 2001 on broad day light. They say that all who are born on broad day light are said to be fearful. There's no fact about the saying but more often Popoy would run to his mother's dress and cover his face as he saw something hat really scared him a lot.

Popoy's mother is Aling Anita, a loving mother a dedicated wife to her husband and Popoy's father is Mang Mauricio, a man with courage and takes care of the family. They lived in a simple house with few appliances, one small TV, a refrigerator, and flat iron. Of course there's a bed, a folding dining table, a monobloc chairs.

Aling Anita and Mang Mauricio love Popoy very much that's why they are trying their best to give everything that Popoy needs.


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