Missed Earth Run

Well, I was supposed to be in an event this morning. Unfortunately, the rain was able to make me stay in the house and made me miss the Earth Run, my supposedly first running event. Perhaps it's not yet the time for me to join a running event but I really want to join and push myself to the limit. Hopefully I can join future running events with a sunny and clear day.

Friday Thoughts

After five everyone is for sure going to be happy. Why? Because it's going to be a long weekend. Everyone will enjoy the four day vacation and do hope that everyone will be rejuvenated by that. As for me and my family, well, we'll be having some events to cover and some things to uncover in our house. Hahaha! To our fellow Filipino Moslem brothers it's your day on August 30, enjoy the festivity.

Prestige Effect?

Just recently we wre able to attend a certain event. Certain special people will be there to grace the evening. The start was good and of course the food was great, it did fill up my tummy. When the occassion was over a lot of attendees were hoping to have a little keepsake from that wonderful moment. Of course the best keepsake would be a photo together with the people who graced the event. Unfortunately, there was some incident that we didn't expect to happen. We thought we would be at least given a chance to have an exchange of conversation with one of the people who grace the event but it turned out with disappointment. They were not as warm as we thought the response seems scripted that they answer without even knowing who we are. Worst one of us who wanted to have a little keepsake were shut off. It was a bad experience. The image was shattered.

Prestige is something that is earned because of talent, remarkable work, and certain status. Sometimes when it gets in too much like in the movie "Prestige" the result is not good. We're not known but just a plain and simple writer who are trying to glimpse a few light of the stars. A little warm and truthful greetings is well enough for us. Enough to make us be more appreciative.

Just When you thought...

As I have been rambling and mumbling some of my daily thoughts, this one is quite annoying though it's not that supposed to be. I have been in the community for quite some time and I have known a lot, if not most of them. I don't know if it something that should be check whether there's something wrong with my personality of something wrong about my whole being.

The thought just came in this morning and just wondering if it is really it. Do I make a strong message about what I feel or it's just another word with out sense. Here it is....

Just when you thought you know everyone.... it boils down to presence and importance.

Does my words make sense? Does having me in a community acknowledge my existence or just simply another wall flower. Am I important? Perhaps not at all because none of which seems to feel my existence. Anyway be it or not life goes on I will never falter with just that thought.

Restaurant Thoughts

While browsing a social network site I find this thread that gets my curiosity. The talk is about a certain person's rant about their family's experience in a certain restaurant.

If I may ask, if your the manager of the restaurant what would you do if the customer complains something? I'm not sure of what's your reaction but perhaps most of the reader would agree that the manager should take some damage control before the damage gets worst. Unfortunately, the manager of the restaurant did not do anything and instead rants about it on his personal life. I don't know much but I do hope that every thing will turns out well.

Just a Thought Today

After a week of so many events I just want to take time and hold for a while. I don't know if I can finish most of the things that I want to do today. Getting draft and story lines for those events sometimes takes time and also depends on the mood. I wish I will have a good mood today. Tata for me.


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