Dull Moment

I don't know why but it seems that I have been having a very dull moment I cannot think of something on what I have to do. I'm just getting lazy and getting bored as well. I think I need a little more time to rest and recuperate. Though there are so many things that I should do I still couldn't get any boost to do all those task that's on hand. Grrrhh! I'm just to weak and to lazy to do things.

What do you do when your feeling like this?

Health Yourself

Because of the recent bad weather that hit the country many people were also hit with colds, cough and flu. It's really bothering that many people are now experiencing the effect of the weather. It's really a must that we should try to make ourselves healthy as possible to avoid any health problems. Right now I'm also hit with it and its really hard especially when there are kids at home because they might get sick also. So better make ourselves healthy and strong.

Friday Madness: Bed Weather

Yes, today we are experiencing a very bad weather. It has been raining since yesterday. Normally, if the weather goes on like this people tends to get lazy and sleepy. First people don't want to get out of the house for they don't want to get wet and second they just want to cuddle their bed because it's so good to sleep during this kind of weather. Too bad for me because I need to go to the we got some deadlines to finish and too bad because I have to endure the wet condition. My shoes are wet, also my jeans, I am late because of traffic and accidents, and I am sleepy. Hay, what worst will come? How about you? How's your bed weather? Did you go to work or just stayed in the house?

Today's Thought 101

Men always try to get answers to phenomenon that they cannot comprehend. As a result different ideas and understandings arises as they try to prove of what they understand about the phenomenon. The effect, clashes of different point of views which sometimes lead to devastation and chaos.

What can you say about this? Does it rings something into your mind?


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