The Lent

During my younger days Lenten season has always been a very dull week. Stores are closed, people are somewhat with a lonely look in their face, and the ambiance of the surroundings are solemn. I didn't know yet the meaning of lent during that time and traditions are what our family always follow.

Now that I have grown up and everything that surrounds me had already grown also. Developments have forced their way in through tradition and somewhat distorted the norms. People now are doing what they want during Lenten season. Yes we should know that the person hanged on that cross had already risen but we should always put in mind that the time is a time to reflect and not a time to have fun.

Let us learn the true meaning of lent and reflect what God has in store for us.

Poem: Jazz Mellow

While browsing some old poems that I have written I happen to see this poem again and reminds me that I need to harness again all my skills. I have the skills in writing poetry (somewhat) but I haven't explored much of refining it and making it more interesting to read at. As of all of the poems I have written this one is what I like most. I hope that you'll enjoy it too. Entitled "Jazz Mellow"

Softly and calmly
You tingle my ears
Peacefully and quietly,
You take away my fears.

My troubled mind
You cradle it solemnly
My every sigh
You take it peacefully.

Every tune
You tone my life
Every cue
You lift me at my height.

Every deepest night
Enters a sounding day,
Gives light so bright
In every path and way.

The Coming of Season

I have mention before that I wanted to update this blog once in a while but it seems that I'm much occupied by some matters that needs to be done. It's already time again for some painting competitions and I haven't found or got any good theme or ideas to paint. I'm lost for this particular year. None of my imaginary thoughts are visiting me and keeping my thoughts fly into dreams. My hands are already getting stiff! I haven't had any single strokes done. It seems that I need to make more practice to cope up again.

It's already April and most of the deadlines for the painting competitions are on May. I hope and pray that I could at least have some budget to finance my work and if possible join the competition. For now, I'm still having problem financially. I don't know when will this problem be solved. I just have to pray hard and work hard.


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