Typhoon Pedring

It was really sadden that there are still people who are stubborn enough to risk their lives just to be with their homes. I don't know if they think they are much safer into their home when they really know that their areas are prone to floods. Hay! No matter how hard the government tries to do what they can still there are people that will be caught in the realm of calamity and danger.

Just a thought about what had just happened? Take note it was after the anniversary of Ondoy that Pedring came rushing in.

Stormy Brownout

It was really a bad Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to do all my online works because of the power failure. Power failure that went on for almost twenty four hours. Wah it was really bad especially the weather it made me not go to the office today to fix some things. Hay! I just hope that everything will went out just fine today.

Another Great Weekend

Today is the start of another great weekend. I do hope that I get to have a very wonderful rest and an exciting weekend.

I start my day together with my son. Watched the butterfly exhibit. I just don't know what will happen in the afternoon event so just will just have to wait and see. Hope to bring some goodies for my kids.

Birthday Aftermath

Well after the whole affair yesterday. It's time to go back to reality of work and face all the problems that needs to be addressed. In other words I'm back in the midst of the jungle of the traditional means of earning money. Hahaha! We have to live and that's why I need to work for my love ones.

The birthday is over and it's time to face another year ahead of me. Go! Go! Go! Live on!

My Day

This is my day! Hahaha! Just want this day to be blessed, fruitful and joyful. I want to make every event this day something that will be cherished forever.

To all have a great day!


Busy on something that is not supposed to be done right now. I just hope to be on time on all my projects. It is really to work if you have a lot of backlogs. Whew! I just wonder how will I be able to finish all these things.

This F and Y thing is killing most of my time. Perhaps I should get enough management training to do all of my tasks. Maybe it's about time to look for some sort of learning or e-learning activity that will feed my mind on this like this.

Now am I still busy or just being busy....

Strike On A Monday

Just a thought for today. Thank goodness I'm not late this morning but unfortunately the news today is really not good. There's a news that drivers will be having a strike today. This is to show that they don't agree with the hike of the petroleum products. It is indeed good that many people are protesting with the increase but some people are not just fond of this strike. Some people do get stranded and affected their work as well, especially on a Monday morning. Can drivers make a strike on afternoon during the mid week? Just a suggestion. hehehe.

God Rockin' Thursday

I usually listen to one of the radio station here in our place. Thursday is what they call Black Rockin Thursday and I have thought why not make it something praising to God today so I made it to be GOD ROCKIN THURSDAY! Why did I thought of us well, on my facebook wall I find messages and status of friends whom are thanking God for the blessings that they received. So since it's God's day of blessings I find it appropriate to call this day as GOD ROCKIN THURSDAY! God bless!


How influential you are? I really don't know how influential I am but what I know is that I got to know some of the people in the blogosphere. Recently, there was a concluded event that involves the manner of being influential and I happen to enjoy mingling and connecting with other bloggers. There are lots of things that I learned from this perhaps I will apply most of it next year if God permits to have another fruitful years.

How about you? Do you know how influential you are?

Sickly Today, Healthy Tomorrow

My eldest son were sick the other night with fever and last due to his vaccine my youngest son shoots also to have fever. I just pray that they won't be so very sickly. I just want them to be healthy and strong. How about you how was your kids or any member of the family? Have they been sick these days? We shouldn't take it for granted who knows what illness is that may be. Be cautious and be preventive. It is much easier to take precautions than cure.

Late and Left Behind

Well due to some factors and some unusual incident, I was late at work today. It was really a bad start for the week. I just don't know what will the next thing to happen this week. I just hope and pray that everything will went out just fine. Whew! At least I got in to the office safe and sound.

It was really bad being left behind by the shuttle. I think this was the second time that I was able to get on time on the pick up point. O, well better get early next time.

Evets Galore

Since I joined a certain group I get a chance to do some of the things that I haven't done before. It made evolve in to the next level of my life. it had opened a new dimension to hone my talents and abilities that I only kept for myself. New networks of friends and acquaintances were laid on my path. Things that I only seen on TV. Though I may not have, yet, the full potential of this experience I know I'll be there some time and I'm going to be ready on that.

Random Thoughts

Well I just want to share what I am thinking today.  I have been thinking about work and I'm reminiscing the past, playing what if in my mind.  Eight years ago I was planning to enrol for a master's degree.  Due to financial obligations I thought to myself that I'll work first then do the master's degree two years after.  Now, it has been eight years and I haven't enrolled in any master's degree.  Disappointed a bit but I still know that I have that and every thing that I wanted in God's time.  There's always time for everything!


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