Sunday Alone

Yes it's Sunday and I'm alone with the kids.  Taking care of them really needs patience and of course a lot of love.  I'll be here in the house all day especially now that my youngest has a fever.

Hay Day!

Another hay day!  Didn't have my breakfast today and I just did an early work.  Just got back from the field though it was not very tense work it is still tiring, especially when your just sitting and waiting till you reach the destination.

Posting Problem

Hay! It's so hard to make numerous post when you have limited equipment.  Yes, limited equipment because our desktop computer is still on sick bay.  It's nearly a month now that it is still down.  Just hope to get it going soon... and very soon!

Not Okay Today

I'm just not okay today and feeling somewhat weird.  I think I would really need a good rest.  I just don't know when will it be.


Yes! I'm in a hurry to finish my tasks today.  I just pray that everything will just be fine and will go smoothly as possible.  If everything will went out fine then I could relax afterwards and have a very good rest this afternoon.

PC Still Down

It's been a few days now and our PC is still down.  I don't what's the main problem but I think it needs to be reformat or upgraded or the best possible is to buy a new one.  Hay... which we don't have any budget for it right now.  So I don't know how we will survive for now.  We'll just have to rely on God's power and his answer to our prayers.

Fun Run

Today will be joining the Race for Life Fun Run.  We will enjoy and I will try to break my own record.  So pray for me and for everybody joining the run.

Computer Problem

Computer problem!  The extent of the virus seems very deep.  Programs are already  crashing and they are  not behaving accordingly.  Hay just hope that I could fix the problem.

Virus! I hate you

Yes, my computer was hit by a virus and it did a lot of damage especially on my external hard drive.  It hit much of the pictures which was save in it.  Most of my pics were lost I don't know what happened.  Grrr!  I hate it.

The Crisis

Yes indeed we are having crisis now.  We wanted to address the problem, unfortunately there's not much resources to resolve it.   Right now we're at lost and still looking for possible things to get on our way of looking for the answer.

Back to Work

Wahh! After a long weekend of vacation I am now back at the office and working, partially. Hahaha! Mind set is still in vacation mode. Need to be tweaked a little bit to be in full work mode.

November 1

A prayerful day to everyone who will visit the tombs of their love ones. Be safe and always ask for guidance from the Lord above.


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