Thanksgiving and Praise

We do have different ways of worshiping God and we have different rituals in praising Him but no matter how different we all are, we still worship one God. To God be the glory! My thanksgiving and praise for the recent event in our life.

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A Summer Poem On A Freaky Weather

Here's something that will at least make our day livelier even when we are facing some negative vibes. Make every minute happy and always put a great smile in all our work.

I wake this morning
With a smile on my face
Bringing it with me
As I go to my work place.
W happy thoughts
And a big grin
I do my work
As I start and punch in.

A blessed day at work to all of us!


This blog stands for Ink and Color, the best way to express life. Words and artworks shows what we feel, how we emote, and even what we desire.

The blogger is an artist in his own and different way. Read his lines and stare his works, catch up what's his mood every day from then on.
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